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Air Duct Cleaning in Colorado Springs

Here at Premier Air Duct Cleaning in Colorado Springs we offer a great and affordable solution for allergy sufferers. We offer the air duct cleaning which we will use to blast away dust, dirt and debris from your circulating air duct system with high pressure air. All the dust is vacuumed away safely out to our powerful truck mounted system to ensure no particles are blown back into the home.


Air Duct Cleaning in Colorado Springs

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Air Duct Cleaning

Our state-of-the-art forced air cleaning technology restores heating and air conditioning systems to superior cleanliness with minimal disruptive impact on your home. The system is very effective while maintaining a high level of cost effectiveness which I pass on to you, the customer. Don’t forget to check out our Frequently Asked Questions section below for some great information.

Does Cleaning Air Ducts Make a Difference?

Certainly, cleaning your home’s air ducts can greatly improve the quality of indoor air. As time goes by, various allergens, dust, and other pollutants can accumulate in the HVAC system’s ducts, which can cause health problems such as asthma or allergies. Without regular cleaning, these pollutants can circulate in the air you breathe, especially in Colorado Springs, where dry and dusty conditions make it crucial to maintain clean air ducts.

How Often Should You Clean Air Ducts

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends getting your air ducts professionally cleaned every three to five years, but this may vary depending on certain factors. For instance, if you live in a dry area such as Colorado Springs, you may need to increase the frequency of cleaning. Additionally, if there are pets, allergies, or asthma sufferers in your home, it’s crucial to clean your air ducts more often to maintain good indoor air quality.

How Do I Know if My Air Ducts Need to Be Cleaned?

If you see a lot of dust around your home, smell musty odors when your HVAC system runs, or experience increased allergy symptoms or unexplained respiratory issues, it may be time to clean your air ducts. If you live in Colorado Springs, it’s recommended to visually inspect your air ducts yearly. If you find dust or mold buildup, reach out to professionals for air duct cleaning.

Investing in regular air duct cleaning in Colorado Springs can improve the lifespan of your HVAC system as well as the health and comfort of your household. Enhance the quality of your indoor air today by scheduling a cleaning without delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my ducts cleaned?

The more prone to allergy symptoms the more often you will need the ducts cleaned. For most folks every two to three years is about right.

I have something large that is lodged in my duct; can you get it out during the cleaning?

 Unfortunately some objects if they are heavy enough or large enough will not be easy removed with a standard air duct cleaning. The cleaning system is designed to use high speed/ high impact airflow to remove dust and light debris that is breathable and commonly recycled in your home. Large heavy items, for example a brick, will be passed over by the air flow. If you have a problem involving such a blockage, still give me a call I can always recommend the best course of action.

Do you offer HVAC repair, servicing, or cleaning?

I can perform a cleaning of the cold intake side of your furnace. However when it comes to cleaning your plenum and performing repair or servicing of your furnace, we recommend only using a licensed HVAC repair person. We have some great people we can recommend that we have worked with for years. So please ask if you are looking for a good referral.

If I need my carpets cleaned should I have the ducts cleaned first or after?

You should always clean the ducts first followed by the carpets. The main reason for this is that I have to be able to access all of your registers to clean the ducts properly. If the carpets are wet at the time it increases the potential for a mishap. Don’t forget to ask about our great discounts if you have the carpets and ducts cleaned on the same visit.

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