Enjoying the Colorado Springs Wine and Dine Experience

Colorado Springs offers diverse culinary destinations which promise more than just the standard wine and dine in a conventional restaurant situated in one of the city’s buildings. The city offers breath-taking views and unique themes on top of their scrumptious meals and quality wines. Visitors are encouraged to try any of the following:

rocky mountain food tours in Colorado Springs, CO

  • Indulge in a culinary adventure in the historic downtown of Colorado Springs by joining Rocky Mountain Food Tours and sampling the different local specialties of up to five culinary destinations, which are within walking distance from one another. The tour is limited to 14 guests to encourage friendly conversations and common appreciation of the dishes.
  • Wonder at the beauty of the Royal Gorge, one of the deepest canyons in Colorado with a maximum depth of 1,250 feet, all while enjoying a 3-course dinner aboard the Royal Gorge Route Railroad. The whole trip takes approximately three hours to complete.
  • Appreciate the enchanting mountain view, while getting filled with the fresh selections offered at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort. The resort offers breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner buffets with additional a-la-carte offered during breakfast.
  • Woo your partner with the ambiance at the Mona Lisa Fondue Restaurant, which was voted as Colorado Spring’s Most Romantic Restaurant. Mona Lisa is located at the Manitou Springs, a town known for its natural mineral springs.
  • Pamper yourself by fine dining at Colorado Spring’s famed Penrose Room. Penrose Room offers live entertainment and dancing, as well as a magnificent mountain view, but the restaurant is most known for its delectable dishes.

Visitors are also encouraged to explore culinary destinations even after sundown, due to the many pubs offering their take on the City’s nightlife. Explore one of them by taking a trip down The Rabbit Hole at Tejon Street and be immersed in the underground bar’s morbid take on Alice in Wonderland. Also try Alchemy Pub, an Irish-influenced gastropub. Both The Rabbit Hole and the Alchemy offer meals aside from their cocktails and drinks.

Other Businesses in Colorado Springs, CO